My Human Bean's Purrformance Review

Review of my Human Bean
Reviewed by Danielle

Ah, the moment of truth has finnally arived! This will be fun.

Quantity of Output: This is an area the human could improve on. It is definitely not daily. I want at least twice a week, human bean. On the bright side, at least this review is posted on time! One paw.

Quality of Output: I am pretty happy with this. My human bean likes to play with different templates for my blog and keep it looking nice. The human bean is good at documenting my activities and adventures. I sure have the flashy beast in my face enough, but it is for the greater good of my adoring public. Or at least my public. Anyhow, I am pleased in general. Three Paws.

Client Pawticipation: Well, I do have my own e-mail adress (it's on the Get to Know Me Page). Three Paws.

Pawticipation part two: I am satisfied. I got to go to quite a few pawties this year, and I got in some contests, too! I hope to have a birthday pawty this year. Four Paws.

Client Satisfaction: They seem to be purrty happy. I get about 10ish comments purr post. Are you, my clients, happy? Four Paws.

Overall Satisfaction:

My human bean was out last night playing with a woofie! Not blogging. Not giving me petting. Not giving me treats. Not being my slave. I do not have enough crabby and unsatisfied words to say about this! The human bean will get quite a few points docked off for this. However, my human bean did not take the woofie home, so that took a fair amount of self-restraint.

The treat levels have been satisfactory. I get tuna juice, Pawty Mix, and chicken broth.Yummeh. In this department, keep it up, Human Bean. One note on the Pawty Mix, though. My human bean was curious about what they tasted like and broke off the tail off of a fish. I don't want to share! Ok, I just HAD to tell that one, human bean. You will get some extra petting and play time as compensation for your embarrassment.

Overall satisfaction: 15 paws.


  1. Danielle, we always enjoy your posts! Especially your outdoor bloodthirsty exploits, those are the BEST! We give you 52 paws up for excitement, and of course, you gorgeousness.

  2. Danielle, This is lovely review ! I think your mom will feel release : )
    I like your blog...Always Delightful !!!!
    Have a great day Danielle : )

  3. Your human STOLE a piece of your Party Mix?!? Whoa, you should have given her some swats just for that! I never heard of a human doing such a curious thing!!!

  4. Well, that's a fairly decent review. :)

  5. Your mama ate one of your treats? is there a different review just for that?

  6. I'll give your four paws for entertainment value!

  7. We're very happy with her purformance.

  8. That's not a bad review. I always enjoy visiting you!

  9. Well it's definitely review season! I think she did just fine!

  10. Hi Danielle! I have missed seeing you since mom got so behind (she hasn't even posted her review yet!) We all loved your review of your human bean - she sounds like she is doing pretty good - and of course we all adore you (but especially me!!)

    But I do think more pictures would be a good thing (but then again I could look at only your picture for the rest of my life and I would be ok with that!!)



  11. I think you were very generous with your human's review, Danielle. Our secretary, on the other hand, will not be getting a raise this year!



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