Helping with Chores

A couple days ago, wind broke off a branch from our tree. So, like a good cat, I decided it was my duty to help the human bean drag it off the lawn. And, just to remind my human bean, that even though it's important to have a clean lawn, playing with me comes first. (Can I get an amen on that?)

To make sure the branch behaved, I bit it into submission.

And I got bark in my mouth in the process. Pleah!

See the flying snow?


  1. Danielle!!! You LAY DOWN in the snow!???

    Oh My Cat, you are the mostest bravest kitty we've ever met. And to kill the tree branch too...we're in AWE!

  2. Hee..Hee..Danielle, I help mom like that too but never do in snow ! You are really good kitty !!! your mom will be proud :m)

  3. you help ur mom....
    what a good kitty u re

  4. Wow, that looks like fun! Except for the cold part.

  5. Holy cow--you are lying in the snow? You're really brave!

  6. Didn't that white stuff give you a cold tummy?


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