We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Cat Blog....

....for some woofie pictures. My human bean was at the shelter today, and had a ball playing with eight American Staffordshire puppies. When the human bean came home, I decided wouldn't shun her too much since she managed not to take any puppies home. Even I think these puppies are too cute.

Eve on the right and Felix on the left

The puppies are very playful. Most of the pictures my human bean got were only blurs cause they move too fast! They want to play tug of war or chew on what ever is handy. They are about eight weeks old, so they are going through their teething stage. As you can see, Eve was about to chew on the human bean's jeans. My human bean found out that they have sharp little teeth!


  1. Furry furry khute!

    Maybe she'll trade woo fur a puppy!


  2. They are just precious babies...We hope you are enjoying a fun week, beautiful Danielle...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. They are cute ! but they are going through their teething stage...keep yourself away from them, Danielle !!!
    Woofies are woofieis !!!!
    They are Vexatious to the spirit !

  4. They are adorable! And you are being very gracious in not getting fussy about her betrayal.

  5. Awww, Danielle. That was very sweet of you to lets your mom take over your bloggie with woofie pictures. But, they really are very cute. Especially the brindle one. Teehee!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  6. Those puppies are adorable! We hope they all get wonderful forever homes.

  7. Stopped by to see a spoiled kitty. You let your human bean play with the woofies and then post the pictures on your blog. You are a pretty generous kitty.

  8. Hi Danielle! I am sorry we are late (mom thought she had let me comment already but then today saw that this was still up and realized she had been bad). We think those are cute puppies! We are impressed your mom didn't bring any home!

    Smooches and hugs!!



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