Chippie Tracking

Human Bean: "Danielle, do you really have to be up there? If you're looking for Chippie, why are you in a tree? Chipmunks don't climb trees."

Danielle: Yes, I DO have to be up here. You never know about Mr. Chippie. He could be anywhere.

Danielle: Sometimes I consider getting hired help. They would appreciate my ideas and imagination. And they wouldn't be so worried about me climbing trees. On the other paw, if you have your human as your assistant, they serve you refreshments. Like the bonus tuna juice I got this afternoon. I think I prefer treats over appreciation of my tracking abilities. :)


  1. Butterskhotch trotted by with a Chippie last night -

    Mom was too slow to get a khlear pikh of her prize -


  2. Treats are very important. Probably more important than anything, except sleeping.

  3. Tell your Human that you are up in the tree to have a good lookout spot to see the Chippie.

  4. You just don't know about those chippies! Love your toes in that last pic!

  5. Soooo...was Mr. Chippie up there? And is that an apple tree?

  6. They just don't appreciate you, Danielle. But at least there are treats...

  7. Hi Danielle! I know you are a great tree climber, but I still worry! I know you are very brave and strong though, so you will be ok!

    And oh, I hope Mr. Chippie is not stepping up his efforts to mess with you - with winter coming I think that he want to do that. I haven't seen his agent down here lately, so don't be surprised if he is up there helping out! I will keep you posted if I see anything suspicious!



  8. I'm with you, Danielle. Chipmunks and other ratty rodents could be ANYWHERE! I'm so jealous that you can climb trees. That must be SO fun!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  9. Danielle, you are a champion !
    By the way love your photos

  10. You look SO lovely in your tree my dear!!

    Thank you so much for your kind words for Inigo. It means a lot to us.


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