DanDan, Dani (just everyday nicknames)

Sweetie Pie, Baby Girl (when I'm being a purring lapcat)

NuttyCat (when I'm being a little too adventurous)

The LittleMan, Puffball (Blizzard's nicknames)

What are some of your nicknames?


  1. I like DanDan <3 that is cute! and nutty girl! wow and you are very very brave!
    I love Blizzard Puffball, and how about snowball!

    Mom calls me Mr. P, and Mr. Handsomepants, oh and Lovecloud boy.
    Miles: Mom calls me NonoMiles and Orangeskunk??

    Happy bonkful day

  2. Toasty Pawson, Mawson Pawson, Psycho Huffle, Huffle DumDum... there are too many to count.

  3. We have very long and very odd nicknames

    Thomas's are Thomasy Womasy Woobags, Thom Wom Wom and Thomasy Thomasy Tutus

    Cahrlie's are Charlie Warley Barley Boy, Charles La Marles and Charlie Warley Woo woos

    Lola's are Lols Fannols, Lola Bola Wola and Lola Wola Woo

  4. Nicki gets names we can't put down. Seriously. Mr. Brat is one of the nicer ones.

    Annie gets Annie Bananie, sweet pea, pumpkin, Ms. Vicious and Ms. Crabapple (dual personality there).

    Derry gets Derry-bear or Derry-bearest and Smoochie-boy.

  5. Princess
    The Queen
    Baby Doll

    And that's just to start!

    Nice names fur all of woo!


  6. I like your nicknames. I have a few myself: Nollie, Nolliness, Nollie-Pollie Mon, Nollieliciousness, NollieMousie, Stinky Boy....

  7. Hoomins just can't be happy with our real names can they? We are also known as....Honey Bear, Puppy (degrading, we know, but at least only Toby is called this one), Pooky and Pookette, Simba, Angel Bug....

  8. Hmm, Barky von Schnauzer, Mr. Furpants, Oskar bedoskar and Mr. Stinkey pants, which I find offensive!

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    We'd love it if you would come over and check it out & become a member. It's a great new place for pet bloggers to find each other, and get an opportunity to be a featured blog!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  9. Hi Danielle! Those are great nicknames! I get Virg a lot, and also crazypants when I am being very crazy! Mom has nicknames for all the others too, but well, I don't really pay attention to those!



  10. My nicknames are Pops, Popster, Queenie and Poppy Poppadopolous.

    Poppy Q

  11. Hi there! I noticed you dropped by my place and I came right over. Mom is smitten by the buns and your kitty face so I think we're gonna follow you.

  12. Your and Blizzard's nicknames are really sweet. My mom gives us much more embarrassing nicknames: Poodle Bear, Pumpkin Pants,...the list goes on and on...very embarrassing.

  13. Clarissa: RissaRoo or Baby Girl
    Sable: Boo-kitty
    Fiona: Little Girl or Badgerhead
    Jazzpurr: Jazzygirl
    Serendipity: Seren
    Memphis: Meet me in Memphis, Sinatra (because he sings)
    Pandora: Panda
    Puff: Puffypants

    The rest of the gang really don't have nicknames.


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