Wordy Wednesday

Hi Everybuddy! I'm Scout. You haven't met me before, but my older brother Blizzard writes here once a while. Well, I figured I'd follow in my brofur's and sisfur's pawsteps and tell you a story today!

Today, my human bean popped me in the dreaded carrier. What is going on? Well, the carrier and I got stuffed into the backseat of the car, and off we went. Well, we're going past the vet's office. That's a relief! We came to a stop in front of the library. What are we doing in front of the library? And then the human bean took me out of my carrier, and introduced me to the librarians. They absolutely fell in love with me. They LOVED my fur.

And I admit, my fur is very soft. I got lots of petting, and I kinda liked all the attention. But then the sticky little people and their handlers started coming and then I realized.........................

I'm in the dreaded Preschool Story Hour! Blizzard told me all about it. He came here last year, and he said all the sticky little people all want to pet you at once, and some of them aren't super gentle when the pet you, and they mess up your furs......

I'm thinking to myself: "OK buddy, breathe through your nose and try to remember what else he said. Hmmmm...he said it's really scary at first, but you get settled in after a while. That is good news."

After my moment of near hysteria, my human bean and the librarian took me to the little stage in front of the children's section. The librarian got all the Sticky Little People to sit down (which, by the way, requires talent). Then she introduced me and my person, and then had the little Sticky Little People make a line. I'm glad the librarian did that, so they wouldn't all be trying to pet me at once. Some of them were shy, so they just barely touched me. One little guy wasn't very gentle when he petted me, but it wasn't as traumatizing Blizzard thought it was.

When the librarian started reading some books, I realized something. This isn't so bad! I'm the center of attention. I get to hop around if I stay near my human. And I have some time to impress my audience with my cuteness. To look cute, bunny style, you groom your face like this:

So all in all, the whole Preschool Story Hour wasn't the ordeal I thought it was going to be. Wanna go next year, Danielle?


  1. Did woo leave them any bunny treats?


  2. WOW~!!! You sure are brave! Mom wants to take Cricket to our little beans pre~school one day, for show and tell. Cricket's got NO clue what's in store for her that day!

  3. Hi Scout! It is nice to meet you! That is cool that you got to see all the sticky people, and that for the most part it was pretty calm (except the one little sticky person who was rough - we are sorry for that). It sounds like all in all you had a pretty good time!

    Oh, and it is so funny you said that a bunny looks cute by grooming your face with both paws like that - because our oldest brother, Kirzon, does that too - but he is a kitty! Maybe he wishes he was a bunny like you!

    Tell Danielle that Virgil said hi and sends smooches, ok!

  4. How exciting! I bet the sticky people had lots of fun getting to know you. I think this means you are a celebrity now.

  5. wowee, Scout, that sure is coolio! our Booshi Bun would have loved that. sadly, we gived him away over this past weekend, but it is okay because a little girl fall'd in love wif him!


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