I Spy!

I spy the mama turtle! Do you see her? She does an excellent imitation of a rock.

Here she is!
The mother turtle has left her little clutch of eggs already, like all other painted turtles before her. I guess the Human Bean and I will be on our own raising the babies! Yesterday, I had my human bean do some research on painted turtle babies. According to Wikipedia Encyclopedia, it takes 72-80 days for the turtle eggs to hatch! The earliest would be around August 31st. I hope it will be worth the wait!


  1. wowee, that is a verreh long time to wait.

  2. We saw her! It must be funny to see the rocks start walking.

  3. Cool. You're gonna be a Turtle Bebeh Mom.

  4. *squee* baby turtles! pikhs pikhs pikhs!!

  5. Wow, Mama Turtle sure knows how to hide well= she's hanging out in the purrfect spot to go unnoticed!...We can't wait to see the babies!...kisses x3 sweet friend...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  6. We saw her right away! But we've never seen baby turtles before!

  7. Oh so exciting! We don't have any turtles around here that I have seen - mom says there are sometimes frogs but never turtles. We know you and your bean will be great at taking care of them!!



  8. oooh cool bonkbonk baby turdles.
    Are there any other predators that might eat the eggs?
    This could be a very interesting summer project!


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