Lately, my human bean has been doing some birdwatching. Being the helpful kitty I am, I go along to the back of our yard and watch birdies too. Here are some we have been seeing:

A male Indigo Bunting. He and his wife are building a nest around here somewhere. We have seen the female with peices of straw and nest material in her mouth.
And here is a male Yellowthroat. He really truely sings his heart out! He's not as shy as the Indigo Bunting, and he will be singing even though he sees you.

What kind of birdies do you and your human see at your house?


  1. Those are very pretty birdies! We see a lot of cardinals and bluejays. We especially like the bluejays, because they dive-bomb our evil neighbor cat when he comes into our yard.

  2. We like watching the fev-vers too. We have lots of different types but at the moment there are lots of swallows and their babies flying everywhere.

  3. We don't see any good birds at my house. Probably because we live in the city.

  4. Hmm... we lots of birds, and squirrels too, but our hoomin doesn't know any of their names.

  5. Hi Danielle! Our computer was beind dumb so I didn't get to visit (first mom is busy then the computer - what next!). Anway, we don't get fun birds like that - we have ducks, and we have some other birds but we don't know what they are - they live in a birdhouse on the front of our house!

    Oh, my birthday is on Sunday - I know it is a holiday but I wanted to ivite you to be my special guest. WE are having a small party - I will be turning 2! I hope you can come!!



  6. we does not has BirdTV at our house. but the past few days at Mama's house have been so great, she has WUNNERFUL BirdTV!!!


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