Mother Turtle Monday

Yesterday, we had a new visitor at my house! It's a female painted turtle. I was sort of suspicious when it first showed up. It actually sort of made a hissing sound when I touched it with my paw.

OK, will this thing explode in my face if I touch it?

I'm going to watch you from over here.

*Yawn* ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz

Woa! You move fast for a turtle. I better not let my guard down around you.

And you know what else the turtle did? She laid her eggs here, and then left!! In a while I'll have baby turtles to keep an eye on. But don't worry, I won't eat them, Human Bean.


  1. Wow, a turtle, that's so cool! We've never seen one, we don't think we'd be as good with one as you were, Danielle!

  2. Wow, Danielle, you were incredibly brave to check that Mama Turtle out so closely!...You are very lucky to have Turtle TV; we've never seen a turtle before!...And you will have Baby Turtle TV soon too=that sounds so exciting!...We can't wait to see photos of the babies!...kisses sweet friend...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. Well, a kitteh does have to keep a paw on everything that goes on around her... and you do it very well.

  4. Baby turtles! How cute! I can't wait to see them.

  5. i has never seed a turtle, woah! and now you will have BABY turties, that is so cool. make sure you show us pik-shers right away!

  6. That is exciting that you will have baby turtles.

  7. Hi Danielle - sorry I haven't been by sooner! Mom is busy which means I don't get visiting time (Boo). Plus that little pest Stella keeps following me around (she has a little crush, which is not bad because technically we aren't related, but gosh darn it itshe needs to learn that I am her big brother anyway, plus she is a pipsqueak - not a gorgeous ladycat like you!)

    Anyway, what a cool turtle that is - I hope you can become friends with her - that would be very neat!




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