Football from Danielle's Purrspective

All the football playoffs talk and TV at my house has gotten me thinking.....

A good football receiver might make 500,000 green papers a year. That's a lot of cat nip toys and kitty kibble! I think I could be a good football receiver, also. Here's why:

1. Even I can catch a ball.

2. I could run faster than most receivers (especially if there is a dog chasing me!).

3. I'm so small, I'd slip right past the linemen in a flash.

4. I have the reflexes of a cat (is that circular thinking?) :).

5. If someone was getting too close to me, I'd give them a bitey! My team might get fouled, if I did that, though.

6. I don't mind snow too much, so I'd be great in Lambeau field. I might have enough potential to make it to the Superbowl!

Danielle's Human: Danielle, I think you're forgetting something.

Danielle: What'd I forget?

Dani's Human: You don't have opposable thumbs to hold the football with.

Danielle: Oh yeah. Phooey. It was fun to dream while it lasted. *sigh*


  1. Didn't woo watch my Siberian Rules Football video on my Saturday blog?

    Maybe woo should study it fur some new MEWves fur woo!


  2. Hmm. We think it might be kinda bad for a little kitteh to be on the field with all those big, clumsy hoomins.

  3. Well Danielle we think you would be a great player but we would be afraid you would get hurt by those big guys!

    Tee Hee Hi Danielle - Barney here. Virgil is going to ask you out on a dinner date but don't tell him I told you! Tee Hee!!!

  4. You can always become a cheerleader!

  5. They could tie a little rope on the ball so you could carry it with that in your mouth!


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