Snowball's Saturday

     Hi evfurry one! Snowball here. Danielle and I hope efurryone had happy holidays.

    Did you know that VSquillions have an acute sense of style? Now that the holidays are over, I've been bothering Danielle to get the red bow and holly wreath off of me. The holly is getting itchy.
    Danielle says: " Snowball, don't worry about it. Red and green are totally your colors. I'm sure Rebel doesn't think you look out of style".
   Gasp! The word is out! Well, you would have found out sooner or later. I have a crush on Rebel from the Naughty Kitty Club. Isn't he the cutest VSquillions in the digital world? Danielle thinks we look like each other down to the last pixel. Kinda like Danielle and Virgil. *Danielle blushes and purrs*

   Anyway, that's what is up in my world. See you next week!

   PS Don't forget to vote on Danielle's Christmas poll!


  1. I'm with Danielle!

    Those are your kholours!


  2. I think the colours suit you, but I'm biased.

    Frosty Paws, Huffle Mawson's Squillion.

  3. The colors look wonderful on you.

  4. I hear that red & green are the new black & white. : )

    Happy First Week of the Year!
    (Glogirly's cat

  5. Hi Snowball! Oh I can't believe you have a crush on Rebel - he was just asking Virgil for some tips on how to woo you! I am glad to know that you like him too - he was very worried! He was also asking his cousin Roxie, over at our blog, what kind of stuf girl VSquillions like, so I think he is planning something!


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