Wanted Part 2!

He's so close I can smell him!

Hello! This is Lieutenant Investigator Danielle reporting from the Northwoods. I have found the hangout of my most wanted and notorious criminal, Mr. Chipmunk (A.K.A. Chippie)! I had received tips about his whereabouts through my secret intelligence organization. Already, he is storing up for the winter in his hideout. He has many secret entrances to his den. I have located all of them. One of his comrades has already fallen, and he is the last thread in the rope of his gang's survival. I must arrest him before he resorts to his secret underground shelter!

Today, I made an attempt to arrest him. He didn't know I was there, but was scared off accidentally by my bean. Oops! We'll have to work on the stealth approach.


  1. So, let's see how good a khat woo really are!


  2. Ooo, how exciting!!! I haven't ever seen a chipmunk, they don't exist here... but I bet they are FUN!

  3. Get him! It's a matter of national feline security!

  4. Perseverance Danielle. That's the key.

    Huffle Mawson

  5. Don't work too hard, sweet one! You'll give the beans the idea that we should stop napping and do something!

  6. Oh I hope you catch Chippie soon - he sounds like he is evil! We have chipmunks here too (although I admit that we call them Monkeys most of the time) and they were outside peeping this morning - I bet that is how they send secret messages back and forth - they pass it on like a game of telephone. I hope that they didn't get into our internet and warn Chippie you were coming.

    Oh, Virgil would like to know if you are currently seeing any of the kitties out there in the cat blogospher. If not he would like to know if you would maybe like to think about possibly becoming his special kitty friend - and maybe even girlfriend eventually. He thinks you are a very cute ladycat!


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