Not Now! (*whine*)

What are the weather beans on the noise box thinking? We do not need snow flurries. I have never been in snow, but according to my bean, it is furry cold. I do not appreciate cold. I do have socks, but they are not any more insulating than the rest of my fur. Do you like snow?


  1. Wow how far up are you guys - the S word already? We have rain and "blustery" in our forecast but no mention of the S word for our area (since you are in WI and I am in Northern IL I had to check our weather to be sure we were safe!) We are not big fans of snow here - sometimes the kittys like when there are really big flakes they can watch out the window, and it is pretty, but those of us who have to drive in it are not fans!

  2. Hmm.. we've only ever seen a bit of snow, but we don't like the cold much.

  3. It is THE BEST!

    But then again, I'm ME!


  4. I heard a rumour that snow is cold, so I know I would not like it.

    Huffle Mawson

  5. Snow! Oh, goodness gracious! It's cold and wet an best seen from a snuggly, warm kitty bed inside a nice cozy house!
    (Don't get it on your feet; it makes them cold!) It will be 90F/32.22C today where we live.

  6. Snow already? Yuckie. We're glad we don't live where it snows.... (or at least The Mommy is glad, we don't know any better. MOL)

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew


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