Its Coming!

Today, leaves are falling off the trees and it's chilly out. We had frost on everything this morning. The frost outlined the leaves on the grass and topped fence posts. Tonight and tomorrow we will have a brief intermission from fall to winter. We are supposed to get snow flurries. Meow! No! Bean, make it not snow. That's an order! You can't make it not snow??? Try harder!

What do you like about fall? I like to chase the falling leaves.


  1. We are supposed to be having spring here, but it feels like winter!!

    Make your humans get lots of heaters, and maybe one of those fireplace things? We're asking for one of those too...

  2. Khrunching through the leaves


    All the smells rushing through my snooter!


  3. My favourite thing about Autumn is when the heater comes out, then I can sit next to it and be all toasty.

  4. We live in the same town as Ingio and Rufflebum, and we are having a cold chilly spell. We would love some hots back. It is meant to be mid spring here, but feels like winter.

    Keep warm and cosy.

  5. We are late on posting already this week - but we love fall! The falling leaves are great - the kitties love to watch them fall more than anyone!

    Oh and Virgil was very excited to see you would like to be his extra special friend! We all hope it wasn't too cold there this weekend - we got lucky and the snow they had forecast didn't come - we hope that happened to yours too!


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