Food for Thought

My bean found these interesting facts while reading the book "More Than Meets The Eye".

A cat's body has 10 to the 26th atoms (ten followed by 26 zeros)!

The universe is thought to have only 10 to the 20th stars. Therefore, it could said that cats are more complex than the UNIVERSE! Cool, huh?
Some humans would say that cats are more complex than the universe on many levels! : )


  1. My brother must be very, very complicated, because he is ginormous. He must have way more atoms than 10 to the 26th.

  2. That is so cool - you are mixing cats and science - two of my favorite things! And I have to say I think cats are much more complex than the universe!

    Virgil wanted to get a special hello in too - he knew I would comment from work and he wanted me to tell you what a pretty little tuxie girl you are - all the other cats in the house are totally jealous (ok, maybe not Lola but all the others!)


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