Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award

Quite a while ago, Mr. Puddy gave me the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award. (Sorry I'm getting to it just now, Mr. Puddy!) The rules are to tell seven unknown facts about yourself and then pass it on to fifteen other bloggers. Here are seven of my deepest, darkest secrets! (Okay, not really.)

  1. When I am outside, I play hard to get when I want to be petted. The human bean will sit down on the step, but I will go a few paces out of her reach and roll on my back. I make my human bean come to me! It's all part of retaining the mental dominance over your human. ;)
  2. One of these days, I'm going to trip my human bean. (Not purposely, of course.) I constantly rub up against my human's legs until she feeds me in the morning.
  3. I lick my human bean's fingers when she pets me. 
  4. I also lick Belle the rabbit. She is a Mini Rex, and has exceptionally soft fur. 
  5. My human thinks I have a competitive complex. You see, I dislike walking behind her outside. I have to walk in front of her. If I'm behind, I'll run really fast and catch up to her. 
  6. My two catnip toys are kept in a ziplock bag to keep them fresh. However, a few months ago, the human bean found that it has claw marks in it. I'm not talking.
  7. For the second time ever since I was a kitten, the human bean saw me stand up on my back legs to look at something this summer. She thinks it was really cute. Whatever.
I would like to give this award to everyone who follows my blog, not just fifteen kitties/woofies. So, if you read this post, consider yourself the recipient of this award!


Me, now Three

Posing with the wood from the trees that blew down last summer

Today should be an official holiday. It is my birthday! I am three years old. I'm getting lots of love, treats, and nip. I'm especially looking forward to the nip. :)

PS Thanks to all who left birthday wishes on the other post! I appreciate all of you!


CET Dental Treats for Cats Review

Today, we will look at CET Chews for Cats. Here's what Vet Depot has to say about it:

CET Chews for Cats Fish Flavor, 30 Chews are a dental treat that features a dual enzyme system and abrasive texture to reduce bacteria and protect against plaque and tartar buildup. CET Chews use their texture and your pet's natural chewing motion to remove plaque and tartar.
Let's see how they work and how tasty they are!

The first time my human gave these to me, I was a little unsure about these treats because of their large size. After I tried them, though, I liked them quite well. I'd rate them about a 6.5 out of 10 on the yummy scale. If you are a picky eater, have your human buy a small package first to try them out.

Because of their crunchy texture and large size, my human bean thought they cleaned my teeth quite well.

Another neat thing about these treats is the healthy ingredients. Freeze dried fish is the first ingredient.

All in all, these treats are quite tasty in my opinion.

Just so ya'll know: Vet Direct sent these chews to me for free so I could provide a honest review.


Mr. Chewy Online Pet Food Retailer Review

Today we are going to take a look at Mr. Chewy, an online retailer of cat and dog food, treats, and supplies. Mr. Chewy carries over seventy brands, such as Orijen, Blue Buffalo, and Taste of the Wild. Chances are they have your brand of food! Mr. Chewy also has a neat scheduled delivery program so your human doesn't have to run to the pet store all the time. Free shipping with an order of $50 or more is another neat perk to ordering from Mr. Chewy. (To my international readers: At this time, Mr. Chewy only ships within the contenental US)

 Mr. Chewy kindly provided me with a $50 promo code to try out their service, so let's check it out! After setting up my account, my human found ordering my food to be quite easy. It is similar to ordering from any other online store- add the items to your cart, then enter your credit card number and shipping address. Easy as pie!

After looking at the prices of various foods on Mr. Chewy, my human thinks that buying from Mr. Chewy is a good deal, especially if you take advantage of the free shipping offer.

(Me personally inspecting the food)

My food was delivered three days after it was ordered. The two bags of dry food came in one box, and the Greenies and canned food in another. I got the correct food in purrfect condition. (It's quite tasty, too! Meow Out Loud). (*Boy, I am really into parenthesis today.*)

All in all, Mr. Chewy's online pet food store is a great way to get your pet's food and supplies. It has a wide wide selection of brands and cool offers like free shipping on $50 or more and the scheduled delivery program. It is a handy and cost-effective service.

Mr. Chewy is giving you all 10% off on your first order when you use my code: DANI6176. Enter this in when you check out, and they will donate $10 to the North Shore Animal League. Purrrty cool, huh?

Just so y'all know: I was given a free $50 promo code so I could review Mr. Chewy's service. All opinions are my own.


Snowday on Monday

I wish it was summer. There was green grass to be rolled in (and chewed on), leaves to be chased, chipmunks to be watched. Then this white stuff came. And it is really cold on my paws. And I want to go inside now, Human Bean.


Weird Wednesday

Sometimes it feels good to chew on somthin'. My bunny brothers and sisfur love chewing on sticks, and I like to indulge in one or two myself. It's good for the teeths.

PS My human bean is having a giveaway at her tech blog; go here to enter!


Oh, the Irony of it All!

On Friday, I was sitting on my human bean's lap, purring and generally enjoying myself, when a rather portly mouse came into view. It made a bee-line for my food dish, climbed in, and started eating my food! It ran away before I could do anything, but still....the nerve of that detestable little rodent! Its supposed to go like this:
Cat eats mouse as food
Mouse eats cat's food!