Just Pitiful

My human bean has been acting very pitifully as of late. In the morning, when I mew at her, she tries to mew back at me. Being that my human is..well... human, any attempts at feline speak never make sense. The details of cat speak are very different.

Here's a translation this morning's conversation:

Me: Mew! (translation: Morning, Human!)
Human Bean: Meew! (translation: Sledsa hufi kes)

See? My human bean's (attempts at) mews turn out to be gibberish! I am wondering if my human bean needs medical treatment! Does your human bean mew at you?


  1. MOL! Sometimes our human meows at us too, but not for real, not trying to sound like us, rather mocking us.

    We think she sounds stupid. Even less intelligent than usual.

    -Fuzzy Tales

  2. Oh geez, why do humans try to speak Cat? Most of them don't realize that the vocal part is the least significant (and they can't even get that part right). Your human is being silly and she does not even know it!

  3. OCod Yes !! Da woman iz Crazy......
    Sometimez she mewz like a kitten , and of -coarse we come running thinkin dere'z a baby in da house somewhere (OCod! another one, she'z brought someone else home....)
    Den she makez dese catawailing noizez like a cat ready to do battle .... again we come running to see if one of us iz in trouble and needz help.....
    Da woman iz Crazy !!!! If she weren't da only one to feedz us , we'd Seriously think about sending her on a "Vacation" if ya know what we mean.... ^..^
    Cod !! da thingz we hafta pud up wit!

  4. My human is not as smart as me, so she can't speak cat, but it doesn't stop her from trying..bless her heart. you would think that if I can type, she could speak my language


  5. I have to admit that I do talk to all five of my Purr Gang. Jasmine Mare, Silly Snowshoe Siamese, loves it when I say, Mew Mew Meow ... she comes to me everytime. What I'm saying ... You might know.

  6. My mom does that too! When I mew at my mom to tell her something very important, she usually mews back...and it is complete gibberish!

  7. MOL!!!!!!!!! Thankfully our mama doesn't try to meow at us!!!!!!!!!


  8. Mom tries to "imitate" me and I have no idea what she's talking about!

  9. My mum and dad speak human to me. Just as well, they'd totally mangle our language otherwise.

  10. Well... they do try, bless their little hearts. Gotta give them credit for that.

  11. Hi Danielle! Oh, I have missed seeing you so much while mom has been doing that stupid work stuff! You are so beautiful!

    And yep, our mom mews at us all the time. Sometimes she says an actual word but mostly it is just gibberish. And even when she does luck into a word it doesn't make any sense, like "hat" or something.

    Anyway, I have missed seeing you - mom is hoping to be better about letting us visit now so I hope to see you more. I hope you are still my girlfriend cat, even after my being so bad about visiting!



  12. Heehee! Oh, well. At least your mom is trying to learn your language. Humans almost never try to learn dog language. They always expect us to speak THEIR language.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  13. Yeah she does mew at us. It drives Jude crazy and he starts meow back at me. Im pretty sure he is telling me to shut up!!

  14. our human did mew...but we dont understand what she is trying to 'mew'(say) about..heheheh

    BoBo Salem & ChaCha


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