Playing Fetch

The classic game of fetch is played with the human throwing the ball and then the cat chasing it. But here's a new spin on the game when your human bean is the one who needs exercise and you are the one who is feeling lazy.

  1. Settle yourself comfortably on a couch or like piece of furniture.
  2. Give your your human bean your best bored-to-death look and yawn as your human rolls ball on the floor and tries to get you to play.
  3. Watch with amusement as the ball rolls under the couch or into some other inecessible place.
  4. Stay put as you watch your human bean get on her stomach as she fetches the ball from under the couch.
  5. Once your human gets it out, repeat steps 1 through 3.
See, isn't this a great trick to teach your human? It gives them exercise and provides you with entertainment at the same time! It's a win-win.


  1. Flawless advice, Danielle. Especially for the kitten-tots, who may not be quite up on their hoomin training skills.

  2. Very good advice. We think our mum needs retraining.

  3. hi Danielle, we sure will try this trick to our human bean!!!

    purss & kisses,
    BoBo Salem & ChaCha

  4. This is a great tip, Danielle! Especially because, as you know, humans often have to tricked into exercising!

    P.S. I'm glad to know the Sleeky Lounge arrived at the Humane Society!

  5. Purrfect! We will use this on Mommy tonight.

  6. A-HA ! Great ! my mom need this !!!
    Can't wait to train her : )

  7. We will triez dis Very soon and see if it workz ^..^
    Purrz ~

  8. Hi Danielle,
    Thanx fur stopping by ^..^ ,,,,
    we waz readin up aboutz you and see you likez to get da Evil Chipmunk too.... so doez Ana, part of her Gardening dutiez.
    Purrrz ~


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