My Hiding Spot

Pssst....I'm in here! This is one of my favorite hiding places in the shed. If I stay in here long enough, my human bean will look for me and then we can play.

Oh, you little piece of straw. Do I have to nom on you again, or have you learned your lesson?

Ok, you better watch out!  Do you have a favorite hiding place in your house?


  1. Danielle, I love your hiding spot ! Look so comfy and you might can do snoozing as well : )

    My hiding spot is behind the curtain..I just love it because I can sneak and see my parents run around try so hard to find me : )


  2. My favourite hiding spot is under the duvet. If I curl up tight to the pillow, mum can't see I am under there.

  3. I'm a closet hider myself. Nice and roomy.

  4. Please be khareful in there -


  5. We have several. Under the bed is classic, but always good.

  6. I like to sleep under the spare bed. Although, mum and dad usually know I am there.

  7. I hide behind doors and spy out the crack! And the I attack any passing feet, too.

    xx Salem

  8. Heehee...that is one super terrific hiding place, Danielle! Kittehs are prolly the BEST at that hide n seek game cuz they can get into places you'd never, ever expect them to be. I don't really have a hiding place but Cap'n Ripley likes to hide under the bed and Sisfur Abby likes to hide under the bedside tables.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  9. Shh! I won't tell. I almost didn't know you were there! :)

  10. Stopping in to make sure that you made it home safely from my birthday party. Thank you so much for coming it was so nice to spend the day with you. I hope you had a good time. Now I understand why it was so hard to find you when we played Hide and Seek at the TParty. You know all of the great places to hide.


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