Like me, my little brofur Scout does his best "modeling" when it's on his terms.

See that yellowish blur under his chin? That's Scout's favorite treat, apple! My human bean figured out that he won't hop away when he has his mouth full.

Once the apple's gone, Scout's gone!

Do you any of you get treats in exchange for pictures? I'm starting to feel deprived. If Scout gets treats, than I should too!


  1. Nah. Our Mom doesn't do treats at all.

  2. Treats for having our pictures taken? when did this start happening and why weren't we told!

  3. The bunny knows his stuff!


  4. Scout is gorgeous!

    I only model for treats, and my favorite is freeze-dried chicken liver treats. Bert & Ernie love raisins and broccoli, but they only get a tiny bit, so they don't get ::whispers:: diarrhea.

  5. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! Mom goes Crazy for Scout!

  6. My mom read me that Velveteen Rabbit book once and I think Scout might be the REAL Velveteen Rabbit. He looks soooooo soft.

    Oh, and yes, Danielle. I only work for treats. I mean, the humans wouldn't go do THEIR work for free, would they? It's only fair that we get paid, too.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  7. Scout is beautiful! Scout clearly has a very good agent to get treats included in his modeling contract.

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