Post-Halloween, etc

Hi everybuddy! How was your Halloween? Did you get lots of sticky little peoples? We didn't get any! Other than attending Gracie's party and the Katnip Lounge's party, it was a pretty quiet Halloween for us. Now the human beans can have all the candy to themselves.....

In other business, I would sure appreciate it if you would go on over to Hansel's Halloween Spooktacular and vote for me! You can see my entry here. But mostly, go on over and enjoy all the cute critters.


  1. We had a great Halloween! We had lots of sticky beans...lots of older ones too!! I sat at the door and greeted them all...Ernie ran away and hid...what a wuss!


  2. Good lukhk with the khontest!

    So many great entries and furiends!


  3. We had about 20 stickies...more than we usually get. One little girl saw The Baby and came in to pet her!
    We are off to vote!

  4. Hi Danielle! Surf on over to the The Pet Museum for the results of the Dewey book giveaway - and then drop me a line. Oh boy!

  5. We had a quiet Halloween. We'll go right over to vote!

  6. We had a very good Halloween! Every time a little bean would ring the doorbell, dad would gives me and Brudder Ranger treats. It was great!

    I went and voted for you!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  7. Hi Danielle! I am sorry I haven't posted to you lately - mom's work put a blocker on the internet - how annoying! Don't they know us cats need to visit! Anyway I am glad you were able to be at Gracie's party - it was so fun. And I voted for you in the contest - I hope you win!!

    Smooches (and hopefully I will be able to visit again soon!)



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