I have recently added another profession to my list of many jobs I preform for my human. This one is truck care.

*Sniff, sniff* The air pressure on Old Blue's (Yes, the beans name their vehicles) back left tire is a little low. I can smell it.

And taste it.

What are some of your favorite jobs around your place?


  1. Well of course we run the entire house but our favorite job is making sure the clocks match our perception of dinner time.

  2. My duty is fertilize the plants : )
    You know what I mean ?

  3. You are a good truck snoopervisor!! We like to exterminate around the house...take care of any nasty bugs or spiders that come inside.

  4. Hmm, jobs? Well, we have to test all the furniture and blankets for comfort, of course. We're good at that. :-P

  5. What a great inspector! We need one like you around here. All we do is make sure the furniture is warm for the beans.

  6. Riley looks out the front window for birds and visitors.

    Al he naps a lot. Being the oldest he watches everyone for me and reports. He also keeps his Dad's lap warm while watching football.

    Meredith Ann writes her Monday blogs but mostly she entertains the boy in the puter room. She purrs at everyone and is such a love.

    Jasmine sings from the balcony like Juliet. She also wakes us up around 4ish just for the fun of it.

    Ashton collects his mice in a pile. He usually sings all about it while we are trying to sleep. Sometimes he puts them where we almost trip over them. He doesn't want us to miss them.

  7. Floor insulators...

    Khyra and The Golden Khousins

  8. I have to test the beds out, I also help mum with the cooking, especially when it's chicken.

  9. So many jobs.. snoopervising mainly.

  10. Good job with the snoopervising, Danielle. I just can't even imagine how humans would get along without us, can you?

    Let's see...I always help my mom and dad make their food. I also help them open up any boxes that get delivered by that nice UPS man. I remind them when it's time to go for their walk. Gosh, now that I think about it, I do a lot around here. Maybe I should ask for a raise!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  11. My mom lets us explore in the garage too. We love sniffing the tires on mom's car to smell all of the interesting smells left on the tires from her drive home. We also inspect every package brought in our house. Plus we snoopervise mom by sitting on top of whatever she is working on...her keyboard, book, etc. We are very helpful.

  12. Just checking to see if you made it home safely from my Halloween party. Thanks so much for stopping by. We must do something like this again.

    Looks like you have recovered from the party and back to work. You must be the head snoopervisor! Excellent job you are doing.


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