Wordy Wednesday-Blizzard Edition

Today, I'm letting my little bro, Blizzard, do a post.

Hi everybunny! Blizzard here. Danielle is letting me do a post today. I'm going to tell you about my ordeal at the Sticky Little People Reading Hour.

Apparently, my human bean was conspiring with a librarian to bring me to the SLPRH (Sticky Little People Reading Hour)  that is held at the library. I had absolutely no say in whether I wanted to go, and was forced to come with my human in the car. I did get to have lawn time before my big event, but I sure wasn't prepared to have SLPs swarming around me. I was brought into the children's section, and my Human Bean sat in a chair and read a book with me for a while. But then, suddenly, SLPs came from all directions and were petting me and messing up my fur. My Human Bean told all the SLPs a little bit about bunnies, and then had them come up one at a time to pet me. Most of the SLPs were pretty shy and quiet, but I was still scared out of my mind! I hardly moved. Somehow, it all ended and before I was ushered out to the car, the librarians oohhed and ahhed about how soft my fur was. They also said I should come back next year.
 Well, I survived. Now I'm praying (literally) that it won't happen again.


  1. Maybe next year woo khan khonvince your sisfur to pretend she's a wabbit!


  2. Poor Blizzard, we always hide under the bed when we don't want to go somewhere, but it never works...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. "Now I'm praying (literally) that it won't happen again."

    Hahahahaha! That photo is so cute.

    We think you did VERY well, Blizzard, to make it through that ordeal with the SLPs!

  4. That sure sounds scary... we wouldn't want to be surrounded by SLP either. But you handled it well.

  5. Awww, you poor little thing! At least the SLP were gentle with you! and we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your photo!!!

  6. I love rabbits. Always had to see them when I went to the Fair. I can see why they would want to pet you.

  7. Poor Blizzard!!!!!!!!! We also hope it NEVER happens to you again!!!!!! xxxxxxxx

  8. Hi Blizzard - it is too bad you had to go to that place! We are glad that the SLP's were nice to you and didn't do any bad stuff. We can see why they would want to pet you - you are a very cute bunny!!

    Tell Danielle that Virgil sends smooches!

  9. Such a brave bunny. Did you get paid for all of your hard work you put in with the wee ones? You will need a year to catch up on being worn out and also from being afraid. Poor sweetheart.


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