Tractor Tuesday

This Tuesday, there is a different kind of machine "trespasser". And, unlike last weeks trespasser, this one does not appear to be edible! 

The land near my house is being overrun with large, very noisy machines! "What are they doing and what right do they have to be messing around here!?!?" I asked my human. I was told that first they tilled the soil, as seen in this picture. Then, as we are blogging, they are now planting the corn seed. Then, the corn will grow, and in the fall they will harvest the corn.

 But, corn or no corn, I am trying to be a brave kitty and will be happy when these tractors leave. Do you have any advise for making these monsters go away? I still go outside and when a tractor comes near the yard, I stare at it. Playing brave is tough, but so far I'm pulling it off. Wish me luck!


  1. Danielle you are so brave to not run from those tractors! We don't have them here in the suburbs. If you need me to come up there and protect you let me know. But if you don't, and want to try and be brave, just know I am here sending you lots of bravery-enhancing purrs!! I know that you are one of the bravest ladycats on the blogosphere!!

    And my mom said "mmmm...corn". It is one of her favorite foods!



  2. Wow! That is a big tractor. We will have to show our dad in the morning.

  3. Corn is great, but stay away from that tractor!

  4. Is it going to be your corn field ? When they are all done, you can go for walks or just watch the birds from your window.

    I'd stay on the porch just looking ... until they get done though.

  5. You're very brave to still go out when the tractor is there. We don't think we would; it looks rather scary to us! Stay safe!


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