News Report: GRRRs and GROWLs are rumbling all over the Cat Blogosphere as of Sunday and noon Monday. Kitties who use the blogging service Blogger or the picture storing system Picasa Web Albums are not able to view their uploaded pictures!

Well, pictures aren't showing up on my blog nor on Picasa Web Albums! All the pictures show up as little white boxes with red X's in them. GRRR! I hope this resolves itself. Until then, I apologize that you can't see my beautiful face today. :)


  1. Hi Danielle. As you know we are having the same problem! We noticed that some of the pictures seem to be working now so hopefully it will be soon!

    Plus, mom has a picture of you on our computer from when she made pictures of us together - so I am super lucky to be able to see you anyway!


  2. We just checked and our pictures are showing up okay. The other day we couldn't leave comments on lots of blogs for an hour or so because we were getting the 'error not found' message.We were even getting it when we tried to see Blogger's known issues page. They seem to be getting a lot of problems lately.

  3. We've been seeing some pictures...and red xs in others!! Grrrr!! We hope it gets fixed!

  4. Hi, Danielle, thanks for visiting our blog, it is very nice to meet you!...We look forward to getting to know you better...Have a great week...xo...Calle,Halle,Sukki

  5. We had the same problem yesterday, but it all seems to be sorted now!


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