Wordy Wednesday

 Yesterday I had alot of fun playing in the snow! My human was throwing snowballs for me to run after and try to pounce on. I got a good work out. I rolled in the snow, hid behind the drifts, and tried to catch little balls of snow. I even jumped up to try to catch a couple snowballs. I was thoroughly enjoying myself trying to leap and catch at the same time, when horror of all horrors, I jumped up too far and got a snowball in my face!!! Now, you must understand my human wasn't trying to hit me, but getting snow in the face was  humiliating. I scammpered into the house. Then my human came in, brushed the snow off my face, and gave me cuddles.

Fortunately, the flashy box wasn't there to broadcast my unhappy face I made after the snow event. Whew!

On a new topic, here is a picture I got from a friend...
All together, now...



  1. AWWW!

    That is a very cute picture!

    And Danielle, I wish I had been there to warm you up after the snowball incident. I hope you are nice and warm now - it snowed a bunch here but didn't get too bad, so I hope it is like that there too!

    Snuggles and Smooches

  2. Ohh, I bet your human felt really bad... (but you should still put the bitey on tonite, when they not expecting it. Also demand lots of tunas)

  3. That is so cute ... two in a sink !!!

    Snow in the face ... not so cute ^,,^

  4. That is so cute.. The expresions are gorgeous.. HUgs GJ xx

  5. Adorable pic! And we're sorry 'bout the snow face... but we know your hoomin didn't mean it.

  6. Khome to Pawsylvania so we khan play in the snow together!


  7. Oh that is cute! I'm sorry you got hit in the face.

  8. Sounds like you had a great time. Cute picture.

  9. Hi Danielle! You are very brave to play in snows! It never snows where I live.


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