What is Was Furiday

You were all right! How did you all know??? I was sooo sure I had you all stumped! GRRR...

Danielle's Human: OK DanDan...Settle down...Don't get wound up....

Danielle *taking a deep breath*

This picture is of the hot and cold mixer on the faucet. We were doing a repair on the faucet because it was dripping. Then, my human saw it looked like face and voila - a purrfect What is it? post!


  1. We loved it - we thought it was a very fun post!! We hope you have a wonderful weekend and we can't wait to see you at Gracie's party (especially Virgil).

  2. Keep the fun guessing games coming :)

  3. It was a good puzzle! We had no idea.

  4. I guessed it was a tap. I have investigated ours to make sure there are no gremlins in them.

  5. That was fun! We thought it was a tap too!


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