Saturday Shinanigans

May I have some popcorn? Purrty please?

I am a naughty cat. I steal my human's popcorn. I wait for the dish to be set down in an accessible place, and then go in for the grab.

But the human always takes MY popcorn away, usually saying something 'bout a choking hazard. I think my human is the naughty one. My human hasn't heard about the latest studies about cats eating popcorn. Studies show that eating popcorn extends cat's lives by 5 years.

Human: You're joking!
Danielle: I'm NOT KIDDING!
Human: I will  not believe you no matter how many times you say that.

My studies never catch on.


  1. MOL! You always have to look to the bottom line: Who funded the study, who had a vested interest in the study. :-)

    Maybe your human can give you some Temptations or other treats instead!

  2. Ooohhh popcorn... we've never had that but it sure looks tasty.

  3. We hear the same thing about adding more tuna to pussycat diets!!

  4. Our dog loves popcorn but the cats .. no one is interested ^..^

  5. Popcorn.....meat meat meat meat meat I want meat..you can have the popcorn...in fact my mom has a few bags ready to be popped..ill trade you those for some chick-hen

  6. pooooor kitty! i think they mean well :)

  7. We have never had popcorn. We are being deprived.

  8. Hi Danielle! I think you are right - I am pretty sure I heard that somewhere about popcorn being good for kitties! I would gladly share my popcorn with you - if I had any that is!



  9. We stopped by to wish you a Happy Birthday, Danielle!!...We saw the post at the NKC and wanted to introduce ourselves and wish you well...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki


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