Turkey Dinner

 My bean roasted a WONDERFUL turkey. I have stuffed myself with the trimmings and there is still a bunch left. Anyone wanna come to my place for a turkey dinner?


  1. ME ME ME ME ME!!! ME! I want to have dinner with you!! MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

    I also wanted to see if you would be my date for Gracie's birthday party on the 15th!!

    And I am trying to get my mom to help me plan a special date for us - she is just sooooooo sloooowwww!!!!!

    I will be there to dine with you soon!!!!!

    Hi Danielle! In case you can't tell, Virgil hijacked the comment from the rest of us! But I wanted to let you know that we are working on a special date for the two of you - I just haven't figured it out quite yet. But he would be honored if you could join him for the party - and the other kitties will be there so your mom doesn't need to worry - there will be chaperones!

  2. MEEEEE!!!!!!!! I love turkey! We're out at my house even out of turkey temptations! I would love to share in your wealth

  3. That photo says it all ... WOW MEOW ... what's up ... b day or just cause you are the best kitty ever ^,,^

  4. Heck YES!!! We'll teleport right on over!!! You're such a groovy chick for inviting us!!! Have a happy nomilicious weekend!

  5. Turkey... sighs.. we wishes we had some turkey.

  6. Woo KNOW I would love to have dinner with WOO!


  7. Hi Danielle - we have an award for you over at our blog!

  8. *ZOOM*

    Oh and mummy says she's on her way too hehehehe

  9. You are so lucky to get the turkey stuff. The mom here won't let me eat any of the human food, mumbles something about my delicate tummy or something. I don't get it. I will teleport over asap and join you in some delicious turkey, please don't let the mom know.

  10. We'd looooooove to come! Our mum too! We'd teleport over on our flying boogie mat but our sister threw up on it! Drat!

  11. TURKEY! I is on my ways over my furriend! MOL

    Momma brought some home for thanksgiving, my first time trying it out and OMC!


  12. oh my, what a lucky kitty you are, and it's not even Thanksgiving!


I love comments as much as turkey! Almost. But very close.