Nine Reasons Flashy Boxes Should be Banned

1. Flashy Boxes annoy cats and make them nervous. Even some people are camera shy and don't like to have their picture taken.

2. Flashy boxes have the nerve to wake us up while we are sleeping. We have the right to sleep in peace.

3. Flashy boxes flash at us and startle us.

4. Flashy boxes take pictures of us when we are being bad and then the pictures are posted on our blogs, which in turn, makes us look worse than the angels we really are.

5. Flashy boxes make us defend ourselves, which gets us cats in trouble with our human beans.

6. Flashy boxes take up our human's time that should rightfully be spent with us.

7. A flashy box's picture is worth a thousand words, but it hardly ever says anything good about us.

8. Flashy boxes very occasionally take pictures of us from angles that should never be seen. We do need privacy you know.

9. Flashy boxes are so bad they make my mind warp so I can't think of any other reasons!


  1. Ok, we have to admit that we don't hate the flashy box, mostly because we are used to it. Lola almost always closes her eyes but the rest of us are fine with it. But we think that you shouldn't have to put up with it if you hate it.

    Ok, Danielle, it is me, Virgil, and I have to say that I like the flashy box and wish you did, because I love to see pictures of you on your blog! Or your mom could try them without the flashy part. My point is that your pictures are the best part of the blog!

  2. Our Mom takes squillions of pics of us. We try to overlook it.

  3. But flashy boxes are so much fun ... for us Kitty Moms ^,,^

  4. That's exactly why we mom's use the flashy boxes!!

  5. I hate to tell woo this but



  6. I fully agree with every single point you make Danielle.

  7. We argee with every reason you have given above!


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