It's Almost Here!

 The "most wonderful time of year" is almost upon us! The big question is : Have you been naughty or nice?
 What do you think of my recent over all record?
Let's see.....
 Tree climbing while running from human. Naughty.
 I'm doing a disappearing act while writing this. My human doesn't know were I am. Naughty.
 Usually coming to my human when called. Nice.
 Being the most loving cat my human has had. Very Nice Indeed!
 Entertaining myself while my human was gone for a while. Nice.
 Entertaining myself with the human's furniture. Naughty.

Meewwry Christmas Efurryone!


  1. Oh, you are SOOOO on Santa's NICE list!!! Don't you fret! We want to wish you and your family a Furry Meowy Chrismouse!

  2. We think you are totally on the Nice List! Santa will too, we're sure. We hear tell he's a pretty smart guy.

  3. Santa knows all! We bet he thinks you are the very nicest of kitties. Santa doesn't ask for perfection, he loves all of us kitties just the way we are!

  4. I think you are very nice indeed.

  5. We hope there's more nice than naughty....we want you to get lots of presents!!

    Merry Christmas!


I love comments as much as turkey! Almost. But very close.