Is "It" have intelligence?

The human brought this home earlier this summer, and the thing and I haven't gotten along furry well. It is cute, but It is not my kind of anipal. I and my human devised a test to see how intelligent it is. I have decided that if it has any intelligence comparable to mine, it would react to a vocalization made by its own species. So, my human went online and downloaded a recording of an It ( I have heard it called a guinea pig, whatever that is). Then the human got it and brought it to the computer and played the sound to it. No response. Then the human played a mellowing jazz song to it. No response again.

So, let it be known throughout the feline scientific community that guinea pigs do not have intelligence comparable to that of a cat's. We WIN!


  1. Well, who could possibly have thought kittehs are NOT the smartest species ever, anywhere?

  2. Not to that of cats indeed but what animal does? But I hear those guinea pigs love being in couples and will talk and play with each other. If they are the only pig and arent played with tons they will get sad and depressed.

  3. Oh of course the guinea pigs are not as smart as cats - I mean, just look for a guinea pig that blogs. I haven't seen any. It seems more like it would be a pet for you then a friend.

    Danielle, tell your mom to check email - we sent something but we need an answer about it please and thank you.

    Virgil sends lots of kitty smoochies!

  4. Cats are the MOST superior of ALL beings!

  5. We already knew that Danielle. Not sure why the humans remain unconvinced.


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