A poll for 'ya

Hi kitties and pups! Today I have made a poll for all of you. We are curious as to if there are more purebreds or kitties and doggies of unknown backgrounds. You can vote for more than one IF your animal family consists of more than one pet. If you are a single pet, humor me and vote for only what you are. :)

As for me, I'm an "alley cat" and proud of it. :)


  1. We are a family of unknown origin. The only kitty whose parents we knew is Lola and she had an all black mom and an orange tabby dad - so she is a total mutt. The rest are totally unknown - one feral baby, one abandoned at the vet, and one, well, I admit I was young and bought at the pet store.

  2. I stinks I'm mixed...we don't know my parents

  3. We are mostly moggies but we do have two pure bred Persian brothers (unrelated) who are handicapped.

  4. Purebred but don't know the details about me!



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