Chicken Abduction and Other Important Topics- Lesson 3

How to get revenge on the flashy beast

There are several methods of revenging the flashy beast. Technique 1: Show the flashy beast your claws or your teeth. See Illustration 1. This will cause your bean and the flashy beast to back off for a while. Technique 2: If the flashy beast has a strap for your bean to hold on to, this is great for biting and chewing on. I especially prefer the strap on my bean's camera. The thread count is ppuuuurrrrrrfect for chewing on.

What techniques do you use to get even with the Beast?


  1. Well...we just kinda ignore ours. Disdain is our best weapon.

  2. Hahahaha! What a great face.

    Our technique is just ignore the flashy box. No need to get all upset. Just keep your eyes closed and pretend it isn't even there!


  3. That strap chewing is super popular at our house - that or the string that holds the lens cover are the two most popular. I find that the kitties will walk straight up to the camera, which makes it hard for the camera to focus on them - that is a good way too.

  4. Wow Danielle, that is SOME face you are wearing today! WE LOVE IT!!! When the flashy beast is in our face we either, look the other way or just close our eyes!

  5. Great face!

    I did Elvis on my Friday post!


  6. Actually, I'm a big fan of stomping all over mum at 5am. She loves it!


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