One Wacky Eater

A few days ago, my bean found out that I seem to have a preference to human snack cookies. We were outside, and the bean was carrying a bag with a couple Oreos in it. I was going crazy trying to smell the bag. The bean assumed that I was excited about the smells from the meat sandwiches that had been in the bag previously. So the bean didn't give me a taste of an Oreo. Later, the bean set the bag down and was going to eat one, but I was trying to eat the bean's Oreo. I LOVE Oreos! The bean finally broke of a little tiny piece of Oreo and gave it to me. That piece was gone on a millisecond! I didn't get any more though, because the bean thinks that it might make me sick if I ate much more. What is with that? I think the bean is misguided. I secretly think the v-e-t is to blame. I blame a lot of things on the v-e-t. :)

What human food do you like?


  1. A tiny tiny taste is ok, but Oreos are chocolate and chocolate is a kitty no no. Hmmm...maybe look at the Oreos bag and make sure there's real chocolate in them. It could be a people conspiracy to keep them away from us. But I'm pretty sure they have a little chocolate.

  2. It's a conspiracy, those v-e-t-s spoil everything.

  3. They do make non-chokholate Oreos...

    Me? I love KHANDY!



  4. Roast chicken. Ham. Vanilla icecream. mmmmmmm.

  5. We like ham, and then there is ham, and oops we forgot ham! But then if there isn't any ham we'll take some fresh roast turkey or chicken.
    Mum had a beautiful flame point Himi once that loved tomato juice!

  6. I've tasted the filling of an Oreo too. I didn't really like it...i just like to taste everything my mom eats. I agree that the v-e-t can be blamed for everything.

  7. I am not surprised that you liked the Oreo - I would think the cream filling alone would be tempting (that is the best part after all). I know my kitties love sweets so cookies make sense to me!


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