Once upon a time...

 In a land far, far away, there was a kitty named Danielle who enjoyed watching birds. The birds perched in a thicket of brush. One day, Danielle's humans cut down the brush to tidy it up and removed the brush that was growing on a huge pile of sand. Danielle thought the birds would go away and was remorseful that the birds would no longer be so convenient to watch, for the thicket was close to her house. But, the birds came back, and they perched in the pile of brush. Danielle also discovered that sand was very fun to play in. She observed that when she disturbed the sand on top, little damp balls of sand would roll down the side of the pile. As she was chasing them, even more sand would roll down the pile. It was very fun. It was so fun, in fact, Danielle's humans didn't like her doing it because it messed up the pile so much. :)

The End.


  1. I wonder if the humans pondered relokhating the sand so the sweet Danielle khouldn't have all that fun?


  2. aw I think a litle mess would be ok when so much fun was being had.. Hugs Gj x

  3. Really, that could only be improved with the provision of ham as a restorative snack.

  4. "Then the beautiful kitty went into the house and had some Temptations and took a long nap".


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