One Cool Award!

Hi Furryone! I got this award from SeaThreePeeO. Thank you!

The deal is, when you receive this award, you write 10 interesting and honest facts about yourself. Then, you pass it on to a minimum of 7 other cat blogger friends. So, here we go....

1. For the first few weeks of my life, my humans thought I was a boy. They named me Daniel. Then, they found out I was a girl. The beans liked my original name, so they dubbed me Danielle. My beans can be soooo ignorant. :)

2. Nobody knows who my feline daddy is. My mummy is a beautiful golden tabby named Annabelle. When you look at my fur in bright sunlight, you can see some subtle stripes from her genes. My unknown father gives my pedigree a mystical air, I think.

3. If given the option, I would rather drink out of a puddle than my water dish. My bean thinks that this is my wild side coming out.

4. I enjoy climbing trees, but it makes my human VERY nervous.

5. I am vet-o-phobic.

6. I lllllllllllllllllllooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee chick-hen!

7. Each morning, my bean gives me my kitty kibble occasionally with chick-hen broth. Then I get a drink of water. After that, the bean pets me and holds me. Then I go play and sleep. Then the bean feeds me again. Nobody knows what I do after the bean's bedtime. Ahh, the nightlife! *laughs evilly*

8. The beans have never given me catnip. I think my beans are afraid of me on catnip. I might wreck the house.

9. Grasshoppers should be wary around me. (crunch, crunch)

10. I am my bean's favorite model for photos.

And I nominate for this award... (if you haven't received it before)

Huffle Mawson,

Indigo and Rumblepurr,



The Kool Kitty Krew,

Ginger Jasper,

and The Whiskeratti


  1. Danielle those are really interesting facts about you! I will have to tell Virgil about your chicken love - he likes it a lot too! Maybe you two can go for a chicken dinner sometime!

  2. Oh, how nice! Concatulations, Danielle! We iss furry happy fur you gettin such a pawsome award!

  3. Khongrats on your award!

    Tank woo fur sharing those tasty tidbits!

    I've gotten it before but I'll try to find it and link to it on Thursday!


  4. OMC!!! It's US!! What a lovely surprise, thank you my friend!!

    We like your things :) Specially about the Grasshoppers.

  5. I love chicken too! Thanks for sharing your award with me Danielle.

  6. Wow! This is our first ever award! Thank you, Danielle!!!

    We luffed your list, too.

  7. Those are some really interesting facts. Thanks for playing!

  8. Thanx for passing this along to us, Danielle. We actually did it a few days ago if you'd like to go back and read the post. Our mommy did it. But, we sure did love learning more about your cute little self!!!

  9. Congratulations on your award, and thank you so much for passing it on to me. I'm going to have to convince my bean to give me chicken broth with my kibble. Yum!


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