Chicken Abduction and Other Important Topics - Lesson One

Be careful not to let your beans see you reading this!

This is a tried and true (and delicious) method.

When your human is baking chick-hen, pay close attention to when the human will take it out. When the chicken comes out of the oven, don't make the move yet. You'll burn your tongue. Wait until the chick-hen is cooled and in an accessible location, like when your bean has it on the table dinner table to eat. Then, quickly grab a big chunk, and split to a place where your beans cannot catch you, like behind the couch. Enjoy.

Concatulations! You've learned Lesson One!
Note: You can substitute other delectable treats for chicken.

Uh oh, My human is coming! See yah later.


  1. I khan substitute OTHER treats fur chikhken?

    Hmmmmm - I'm PURRRRRRty sure I've another one in mind!


  2. It also helps if you stand over the humans while they eat and try to fish pieces off their plate!

  3. We have an award for you. Please stop by our blog to pick it up!

  4. Oh oh mum saw me reading that.. I better not try it for a while... Hugs GJ xx


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