It's Almost like Being a Kitten Again

Today, me and my bean where playing in the leaves. We made a huge leaf pile and then, we totally destroyed it. The bean covered me with leaves and then waited for me to burst out. But I tricked the bi-ped yet again. I got out when the bean had a back turned towards me! Before, when the bean hid me in leaves, I waited a while, and then burst out and scared the bean. :)

What do you like doing with your human in autumn?


  1. ohhh sneaky sneaky! bean scaring what fun! I bet it was so much fun playing outside with you!

  2. I like to sit next to the heater with my mum. We don't have trees that lose their leaves.

  3. Look at those lovely leaves. We don't have them but they sure do look fun! Such a clever girl to trick the beans. Will you carve a jack-o-lantern? We knocked our real one over and it went splat! Mum went out and bought a fake one . Ugh.

  4. Danielle that is a beautiful picture of you - I will have to be sure Virgil sees it when I get home!

    We don't do much different in Autumn because our kitties are indoors - it is to busy around where we live for them to go outside. But it sounds like playing in the leaves is fun - I am impressed that you stayed awake because I bet it would be a great place to nap.

  5. Well, since we're never allowed out, the best we can do is watch the leaves from the window.


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