Hi furry and non-furry friends! Lately, I've been doing some exercises. Here, I'm working my abs with my pull up pole. Here, I'm taking a break. After the picture was taken, for good measure, I bit it into submision.

Human bean's note: I think she's just goofing off. With the amount of play she gets, just being Danielle burns the calories. :)


  1. Virgil says - Wowza that is a super cute picture! But you don't need to workout because you are just perfect the way you are!

    The rest of us think you look cute there - but we know that is pretty easy for you to do!

  2. Aww how cute. Trying to work on your fitness! Your gorgeous darling gorgeous

  3. That is very cute, are you going to release a fitness video.. Hugs GJ xx

  4. You can really give Suzanne Somers a run for her money with a work out video!!!

  5. Its always the thin, young ones that want to exercise. Maybe seeing pretty little you will motivate our rotund brother!


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