Hi Kitties and Beans,
Danni Here!

A while ago, my bean set up an e-mail account for me. I've been getting a lot of spam (and not the meat kind).

No, I don't need my hair back in just a few weeks. I've got it all over me.

That goes for financial aid, too. My beans pay for all my vet bills and kitty kibble.

Sorry, I don't have a credit score.

And, I definitely don't want a job! I'm enjoying being a cat and I don't intend to change my lifestyle.

I guess the spammers haven't figured out that they are writing to a cat. But, if they wanted to send me free tuna, I'd be all for that!


  1. LOL! Yeah Tuna is much better then Spam anyday!

  2. We have had to change our email every once in a while because of the spam. We have had it on every network out there - even our own, and it has found us. So far nothing at the current one though (fingers and paws crossed).

  3. None yet, but today I had a new follower who was promoting "adult" sites. Yuck. I kicked her off VERY quickly.

  4. I guess they think woo khats need more help that my kind!


  5. I get some of that spam in my gmail account too. Not so much now mum has set up my own domain for me.

    Huffle Mawson


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