A Big Day

Hi, friends! Wow, I have a lot of traffic on my blog now! That is so cool. Thank you, Huffle and friends!

Today the beans were at it again. They were working on their well. Which meant that they had all sorts of tools and such out. I immediately assumed the job of inspector, and made sure they did everything right. They were using their outside voices, so I tried not to get in their way.

And, the neighbor's D-O-G was loose and he came over to the beans. He wasn't here very long because the beans took him back home right away. I still haven't figured dogs out yet. Dogs on Cyber-space are really nice, but in person they kind of intimidate me. So, if you are a dog reading this, don't go away. :)


  1. Yeah, we're the same way - woofies in blog land are all right, woofies in real life not so much. Good thing your beans took care of it for you! And it sounds like you were snoopervising them very carefully, like a good kitty.

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  2. Huffle is a special khat, that's fur sure!


  3. Our kitties get nervous when they see dogs too but they only see them at the vet, so that may be why (they associate dogs with vet visits).


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