The Camera has Magical Powers

Yes, it does. Its flash can bewitch me! Exhibit A:

The second photo was taken right after the first. I tell you, that flash makes me crazy! Do flashy boxes drive you nuts?


  1. Those are great pictures - and we can clearly see from the first one that you are indeed bewitched!

  2. MOL... Danielle, You made me laugh !
    I just run like a maniac, because mommy keep taking a photo of me.
    But you know what, I love to jump up like that on the tree and do scratch too..It's another level of scratching : )

    PS : Miss you Danielle, Good to see you..I feel like didn't see you post so long, or may be me because my mom get a flu , some day we didn't do blogging.

  3. We think you are trying to get away from that flashy box, Danielle!

  4. Danielle, If we had a tree, we'd climb it too! Usually, we race up to the sky lounge and flop over so Daddy can't flash us.
    With the camera, we mean.

  5. Flashy boxes just make me want to go away! Maybe that is what you were trying to do, Danielle!

  6. Haha! Too cute, Danielle! Flashy boxes make us run away!

  7. MOL!!!!!!!!!!! You are a hoot, Danielle!!!!!!!!


  8. LOL! We just blink!

  9. Hi Danielle! We totally understand because the flash can drive us nuts!

    And oh, Danielle I am sorry I have been so bad about visiting lately - mom is trying to get us caught up so it doesn't happen as much anymore! YOu are still the prettiest ladycat I know!



  10. I very much agree Danielle! Flashyboxes are scairty!
    I wants to thanks you fur the purrs. We is sorry we not has been around to bisit you. We has to catch-up on all your posts now!
    Thank yous again!
    Love, TK


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