The Many Types of No's

There are many types of no's that my human bean gives me. My human bean almost always use the same word, but says it with different vocal pitches and emotions.

Here's a cheat sheet for translating English to Cat with examples from my purrsonal experiences.

         The first degree of no is the "picture-taking-no". This no means that the human bean is more amused than annoyed by whatever the cat is doing. For instance, my human bean is saying no because I might be trying to steal a piece of popcorn. My actions are more cute than mischievous, however. This stage is usually accompanied by the human bean taking pictures.

         The second degree of no is referred to as the "No! Don't-go-in-the-garage!" no. This no is characterized by my human bean being mildly annoyed and me slightly enjoying the human's annoyance in a wicked sort of way.
        The "Don't-go-in-the-garage!" no is then followed by third stage of "No! Don't-go-under-the-car! Come here, Danielle!" intensity. In this stage, the human is increasingly annoyed and I'm enjoying myself even more.
   The fourth degree of no, the "yelling-no", is usually accompanied by my now angry human bean and my sensitive ear drums. The human bean is thoroughly frustrated and my blood is rushing with adrenaline. This may be caused by the me trying to find out what the top of the curtains look like by climbing up them, making a run for the forbidden basement, etc.
  The fifth degree is the "pleading-no", where the intensity level is akin to my human bean realizing that the entire china cabinet is at my mercy. This no is usually pronounced with a begging tone like "Nooooo, Danielle!!!" Just in case you are wondering, this example and the curtain climbing example have not actually happened. Yet.


    1. Good to know...heeh get it. I think I've heard all of those NO's..thanks for telling me what they mean. It doesn't change anything, just good to know.


    2. They don't always go in order, do they? Because we hear more of the stage 3 & 4 at our house.

      You have curtains?

    3. Yes, we have curtains. They are so tempting! :)

    4. Haha! That was brilliant, Danielle! We hear the mom yelling or at least using a loud voice quite often, 99 times out of 100 at Nicki! :-P

    5. wow....u re good in research about human bean danielle!!!

      BoBo Salem & ChaCha

    6. Danelle, you forgot the panicked "No!" when a kitty is hacking up a hairball on the carpet. Usually this "no" is preceded by "Oh." But then, most kitties forget that one because they are too busy to really pay much attention to it.

    7. Oh No !!!,,,,,mol
      We know what you mean ^..^
      Mom tookz da curtainz away,,, all we haz are all da way at da top. We getz alot of da 3'z & 4'z ^..^

    8. We get a lot of the #3 and #4 no's, too! Not that we listen!

    9. Excellent instruction for the kitten tots among us, Danielle.


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