Neither rain, nor sleet.....

nor snow will keep the post office from delivering the mail? Not last Saturday! On Saturday, the sky dumped TONS of snow on us. And the roads weren't plowed, so the mail person couldn't deliver our mail to our mail box at the end of the driveway. I don't really blame her, since the snow was blowing so hard!

Anyhow, some of the flyers we were supposed to get on Saturday were already outdated, since Sat's mail got delivered today. Oh well. There's no great deals on cat toys in here, anyway. *sigh*


  1. A flyer without any deals on cat toys is pretty worthless!

  2. We just saw on FB a friend from MI that was headed to WI fur her husband's kidney transplant chekhkup gave up -

    After 2hours and 26miles, they turned around and reskhheduled -

    I hope woo enjoy some SNOW fur me PLEASE!


  3. You get mail delivery on the weekend? Seriously? Canada Post delivers Monday through Friday only. Flyers usually come separately, though. You can look on-line at the flyers for your favourite stores, though, Danielle!

  4. No kitty toys?????? What a bummer!!!!!!!! The only ads worthwhile are for kitty stuffs!!!!!!!!

  5. That's just unfair! There should always be great deals on cat toys.

  6. Time to shop online! And use the flyers to make paper forts, instead.

  7. Hi Danielle! Sorry you got hit with so much snow! Mom said she works with a guy who got hit by it too - he couldn't even get to work yesterday (that is what happens when you live so far from work!) We were lucky because the snow went kind of around us. You are looking so pretty in your picture - it is too bad there are no good cat toys in the paper though!



  8. Oh, that happened to us once here in Collie-rado. I think they need to change their motto to "Neither rain nor sleet nor up to 6 inches of snow..."

    I pawsonally think they should just give away dog and kitteh toys for free.

    Stay safe and warm!

    Wiggles & Wags,


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