Monitoring Monday

Those combines were at my corn again this evening, whacking it off! After doing a big chunk of our field, they left for home early again.

I was up on the fence demonstrating my feline prowess, and it must have scared them because they didn't want to get me mad by taking my corn away. Or it could be my humans theory, that the field is too wet and they don't want to get their combine stuck. But I kinda doubt that.

PS Thanks for voting for me in Hansel's Halloween Spooktacular! We had fun seeing all the cute and creative entries, and we hope you did too! You can click on the badge to see the winners of all the categories.


  1. It's really good photo of you !
    Me and my mom really love it : )

  2. We think you actually scared them off!

  3. That is a great outline of you Danielle!

  4. Hi Danielle! It is weird that the big machine takes the corn - mom likes corn but she isn't a machine. I didn't know that machines like corn (maybe I should give mom's computer some corn - ha ha). I am sorry I have been bad about visiting - I blame mom and her stupid job. Anyway I think you look so cute on that fence - and I loved you in Hansel's contest too!



  5. Good job with the monitoring, Danielle. And gosh, that picture of you just abouts took my breath away. SOOOOO very much beautiful!

    Wiggles & Wags,


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