Finally Friday

*super huge yawn*

Sorry 'bout the absence of posts over here! The humans had a big week since they had invited two other humans over. And, I had a big week trying to avoid the new humans. :) I'm much friendlier when it's just one human to keep an eye on, but there were TWO here this time.

How do YOU deal with new visitors?

I'll be taking some nice, relaxing, weekend style naps. Have a grrrr-8 weekend everybuddy!


  1. Yikes! Did you swallow the visitors?

  2. I jump up and given them hugz&khysses!

    PeeEssWoo: If I had a paw full of Temptations, I'd try to throw them into your mouth!

  3. Tonsils!

    We mostly hide from visitors...except Grayce, who has a thing about shoe sniffing. And The Baby, who tries to escape outside EVERY time the door is open.

  4. We hide from visitors until they are around for a little while and we slowly come around to check them out!...We are cautious unless we know them...LOVE your adorable belly shot, beautiful Danielle...Happy weekend, sweet friend...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  5. That is the biggest yawn I've EVER seen...Wow. We hide under the bed when visitors stop by.

  6. We usually hide, too. You look like you are roaring at them to get out of your house!

  7. I tend to go under my mom's bed when visitors come over. If they stay awhile, I may venture out to meet them, unless they have the little ones with them.

  8. As long as they don't try and steal my spot in the toasty bed, I don't care about visitors. Unless they bring me a present.

  9. Hi Danielle!
    First we wants to thank you for coming to our party. We gives lots of green papers to our rescue in honor of our furends, just like you!
    So when we gets visitors we are not so concerned. But just in case, we know where the low bed is and how to get under it!
    We hope you had a restful weekend purrty girl!

  10. Hi Danielle! I am more of a human fan then you - so that works out good being your boyfriendcat - I can distract them so you can avoid them! Plus sometimes if they are like repair guys, I try to take their tools - very distracting!

    You look beautiful as always!!




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