Chipmunks Again!

Oh. Dear.

Mr. Chippie is a smart fellow. Since I did a post about Mr. Chippie's Secret agent, Mr. Squirrel, he wants revenge. He has deployed his most potent mix of weapons against my human. They are: cuteness and little baby chipmunks.

When my humans were out weeding the garden, one of Mr. Chippie's offspring, shown here, was sent to the garden. He was told to brainwash my human into thinking that chipmunks are cute, harmless little critters. So, when my human was taking a break from gardening, the human looked up and, Lo and Behold, there was a little chipmunk sitting on a rock not far from my human. When my human moved up closer, the chipmunk just sat on the rock and ate seeds. It wasn't afraid, so my human started taking pictures. And he just sat there and acted cute.

Do you see what Mr. Chippie is trying to do? He's trying to brainwash my human! See those big eyes?

He's trying to look cute and harmless, both of which are obviously not true. OK, maybe he's just a tiny bit cute. Maybe.
I need your help on this. What can I do to get back at Mr. Chippie? He is definitely not playing by the rules, preying on my human like this. It requires a smart solution.


  1. That is a terrible trick to play. Srsly!

  2. We're not clever enough to think of anything helpful, Danielle. Our human thinks s/he is awfully cute and wishes she had little chipmunks hanging around our garden. Come to to think of it, so do we...for entirely different reasons. MOL!

  3. How dare he! Although he is a cute little thing.

  4. Oh Danielle, what a cheater that Mr. Chippie is sending in the cute babies like that! We don't have any ideas other than to maybe lend you our new brother and sister to try and use their baby cat cuteness on Mr. Chippie. But other than that, we just don't have any ideas!

    Smooches and Good Luck!


  5. He does look cute...........and tasty.

  6. He's a sneaky little thing!

  7. Aww chipmunks. They are really cute! I'd like to play with him and chase him.

  8. Mr. Chippie and the babies are very cute, but can't compare to your beauty, Danielle=don't worry sweetie, the humans will always love you best!...Guess you could always chase them though...Happy week beautiful girl..xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki


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