Frusterated Furiday

 When I made the decision to appear before my "adoring public", I did NOT  have in mind being dressed in people clothes!
I can't show my face yet with THIS on! I would be sooo embarrassed. Why does the flashy box always have to be here when something humiliating is happening?
OK, this is much better. Now I'm not humiliated. How does my human bean get such absurd ideas?

Has your human efur dressed you up? How did you deal with it? I need some suggestions so this will nefur happen again.


  1. Do your normal evil khat things!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  2. I know just how you feel. My mum posted me wearing her green scarf, but I wouldn't co-operate.

  3. OH that is so funny! I'm always dressing up my guys! Cute post!!!
    Have a nice weekend!

  4. Our human wouldn't dream of dressing us up as she values her limbs too highly

  5. Oh, no, our human wouldn't ever try something like that, for the same reason The Paw Relations stated. Besides, we're Cats, not dolls or babies or even dogs. :-D

  6. One time, Mom put a bunny hat with ears on Toby. He was so focused on Cousin Max (woofy) that he really didn't even notice. But mostly she doesn't try to do such things.

  7. I know just how you feel mum does that to me sometimes.. Just show her your back and dont what ever you do pose.. Hugs GJ xx

  8. I have never dressed my cats because they would not like it a bit. They like to tell me what to wear though :). just jump on a shirt I put on the bed or point at an outfit hanging in the closet. They are wonderful stylists :).

  9. My mum would never dare. I would scratch and bite. Seriously.

  10. Oh, you look pretty! You just need to get a fashion that will fit you better and show off your pretty figure. I like modeling because I get lots of TREATS! My Mommeh likes to dress me in Build-a-Bear outfits because they close with velcro and are easy to get into, and they do not cost much munnies.

  11. Hi Danielle! My mom has been bad and didn't even turn the computer on this weekend so I didn't get to see you until today! I think you are cute in the people clothes, but even more beautiful in your normal cat fur look! My mom hasn't ever put human clothes on me but she did to my big brothers a couple of times.




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