My Date with My Mancat

Virgil and I had a date in Chicago on Valentine's Day!  Where could be a better place than Virgil's home town?

 First stop was the Big Bean. We both were expecting a human bean, but it turned out to be a sculpture!

Then, we went to the ice sculptures next to the Big Bean.
It was "cool" in more than one way!
Next stop was the Ice skating rink. We got some weird looks from some of the humans, but we showed the humans how skating is done! :)
After all that skating, we were hungry and went to Mcormick and Shmick's for seafood.
We both ordered lobster. YUMMY!

But when Virgil dropped me off at my house, he told me he had more surprises for me. What could that be?

He gave me this necklace,a bouquet of roses, and some kitty chocolates!!

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  1. I am go glad you liked the special day I planned for you Danielle! I had such a good time with you!

    Mom and I are trying to find some good pouncing pictures for your competition - we are going to post our entries tomorrow!


    Your mancat, Virgil

  2. Ooohhhhh exciting! What a romantic mancat you have there, Danielle!

  3. Danielle it looks like you had a wonderful date! I hope you get to go on lots more.

  4. What a lucky little Ladycat you are, Danielle! We are so thrilled to hear you had such an amazing Valentine's Day!


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